Eagle Valley Hideaway Cabins and RV Camping near Wolf Pen Gap ATV Trails

MENA, Ark. – A draft decision notice and final environmental assessment concerning the future of off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails and mixed use roads at Wolf Pen Gap near Mena was released today by the Ouachita National Forest. Mena-Oden District Ranger, Tim Oosterhous identified Alternative “I” as outlined in the Wolf Pen Gap Environmental Assessment, as the alternative he intends to select.

“This alternative leaves some existing motorized use designations for roads and trails in place, and results in some changed designations due to route relocations and decommissioning,” he said.

Currently 41.7 miles of roads and trails are available for OHV use at Wolf Pen Gap, either year-round or seasonally. Key components of Alternative I define a trail system with 39.6 miles of routes, including mixed use routes and seasonal designations. Designated routes will be open seasonally from the 2nd Friday of March each year, through Oct. 31. Two holiday periods would open the trail system to OHV use: from three days prior to Thanksgiving through two days after Thanksgiving, and from Dec. 25 through Jan. 2.

“We have looked at many options, discussed ideas with partners, trail riders, and community leaders, and held

Local Forest Service Ranger Station requests for folks to call and check on the current status of the trails?   The numbers are:

479-394-2382 or 479-394-5585 or 479-394-5595

many community meetings on management of Wolf Pen Gap over the last four years,” said Oosterhous. “We’ve developed great partnerships and accomplished work that we’re all really proud of. We plan to continue in that same vein, working with partners, including volunteers, to provide an enjoyable and sustainable outdoor opportunity for OHV enthusiasts while protecting the valued resources in the area.”

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